Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Journey ... Of The Neverending Story

... take a deep breath ...

... because you entered in a small part of my reality!, a place where you can find words; and that means mistery; ... I have to tell you that words can be very tricky; they can be like angels or like devils! ... Only one road is the right one, and it will take you to happiness, and the others are not yours; they only suck your energy and make you week, so be careful where you step!

Everything has a connection, and has a reason; if you read this means that something in here could help you, can give a new light in your life, the tricky part is that the answer is somewhere hidden and you need to find it yourself! Every ideea that I will share has a message!

... take a deeper breath ...

They say it was on a day of 3th October 1986, but I really don’t remember, the day when I scream for the first time, the day when I fell the cold mountain air, when I know how God looks like, when everything was simple and perfect!

Time passes, the little boy grows up and forgets who he is; and why is he here! why is he born? ... he becomes what others made of him, always someone know what was right or wrong for me, like a puppet in the hands of a child!

When I was 18 years old, looking back at my life I descovered that something wasn’t right, I noticed that something inside of me was sad! ... and I asked myself WHY? ... It was a little step that makes a big change!

What I will share with you is what happened after I said to myself: I got to discover who I really am!, and I’m going to do what ever it takes to be in control of my life, to be who I want!

... so what did you learn today?

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