Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pirate's Poem

A bottle of wine and a ship,
It’s enough to go for the trip;
Open the gates to your heart,
Let in the dark be light.

A story waits to be born,
So much that you will get in return;
Open your eyes, adventure awaits for you,
If only you make a step, or two.

Noise in your head; blinded by the light?
Everything is so simple, if you feel it right;
Your soul it’s an ocean, and deep you will find,
The treasure, that, you can’t reach with your mind.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A World Beyond The Words

The rain stopped falling when he stands up from his bed to go out, in his balcony where he meets some rays that come right trough the delicate clouds. There in front of him is the beginning of a new day. In front of him a white dove fly high, followed by another one; only this had a different colour. He would like to follow them, but he becomes aware that he has another path, and should follow that. He goes back into his room and he begins to write about a world, a world witch is hard to putt in words, because it’s a world that doesn’t use words to communicate, a world beyond the words. He writes about a boy who saw birds and feels like flying without wings.

Monday, July 10, 2006

... Everything is an answer ...

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??????
??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??????

Who are you, I mean the true you? Why are you there reading this lines? Are you trying to find answers, to your mind questions? Training to give light to some toughs but the darkness is more present? Are you running for different big goals, to realize that when you have them you forget to be happy for what you got? When something without planning happens it’s hard, or even impossible to accept it. Where is your mind? Are you just your mind? Happiness now it’s here, and in a second is gone? Is this the true happiness? What do you really need?

... Everything is an answer ...

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??????
??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??????

PS: Other day with sun & wind.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If not now, then when?

4 July 2006, 9:59 to 10; sun shining up in the sky; the sky carries little clouds; my food waiting in the plate to be swallowed; headphones share music to my ears, the birds do they daily talking, same old room, and I between them all.

I had an burning desire to write something down, so here I am again, trying to immortalize a moment, a moment of my life in some words and some pictures, hoping to send over the feelings of joy, happiness, and pace that I am living in.

No toughs about what happened in the past, neither what will happen in the future; just being here, enjoying the music and the writing. Ideas come from all over; the mind only puts them in sentences. A state of being in witch you don’t worry about the day of tomorrow, knowing that all will be fine.

Isn’t this the miracle of life, the only thing that matters, the biggest treasure you will all find in this world, the place where you will be one with the rest of the world, a place without problems were you have all you want and need; ... living the moment and just be!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sugar Cubes

What other persons think about this blog:

1. Al Pacino – Wo Haaa !
2. Britney Spears – Marry me, baby!
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger – I’ll be back…
4. Winston Churchill - This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But, it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
5. Beavis – Huh, huh, huh ... no porn ...

... fell free to leave your comment.

Keep On Walking ...

I love the BIG citys, I see in them life, after every corner adventure awaits to be challenged; some of us see around the corner death, but what a pity for those who are afraid of it; because they prefer to sit and watch the news, instead of becoming a part of those news.

Diversity it’s all I want, no one will discover his true self by listening to others, reading stories that others shear! We need to go out there and live, try to be the best and learn from every situation, from every people!
Maybe your first step in to the BIG world will be painful like the time you first learn how to walk, but keep on walking advancing to the next level, and never stop because it worth it!
PS: Feeding the animals, cutting the grass, reading, and other little place activities are very good if you always have something to learn from them, and if this things doesn’t become a routine ... so I like big cities, but I like to visit small towns to ... if I think better, I could say that I like everything that keeps me walking.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Break Through Your Thoughts and Discover Who You Are…

Today I was listening to the old story: our school teaches us only bullshits! And it’s very true, because students memorize word by word the study material, but they can’t use it in practice, and this doesn’t help them only once in life – at the exams.

Many of all the people around memorize, quotes, books, pickup lines, words and sentences of other people.... they look for leaders in other person instead of becoming who they really are and stop playing a character role.

In what world do you live? In their word?… or yours!?

Life gives many new and different situations (emotions), think of it like this: every they you stand in front of a table with lots of food. Some of the food it’s good to stop your hungriness and gives you the energy to live, but other foods are expired, and it isn’t so good to your tummy and to your health. You eat what you want and need, and then you go on. What if the table is the situations that life offers us every day, and the food is those things that give you the energy to live and discover who you really are… like: love, new experiences, open mind, sport, reason to live, knowledge, true friends, etc …I say EAT what is healthy for your life; chouse what you really need, to become who you want!… and make your own thoughts for this things … and that’s when happiness will join the party!

..:: WHO ARE YOU? ::..

Friday, February 24, 2006

Point-Counterpoint: Travel

European Men Are So Much More Romantic Than American Men

By Alyssa Lerner
Junior, Boston University

I just got back from a semester abroad in Europe, and let me tell you, it truly was the most magical, amazing experience of my entire life. The French countryside was like something out of a storybook, the Roman ruins were magnificent, and the men, well, European men are by far the most romantic in the world.

You American men all think you're so suave and sophisticated. Well, think again! European men make you look like the immature, inexperienced little children you are. They really know how to make a woman feel special over there. Unlike the so-called men here in the States, European men know how to treat a woman right.

For one thing, European men aren't afraid to come up and talk to you. And they know how to start slow, with a nice cup of Italian espresso or a long walk on some historic street. They know the places you can't find in any tourist guide. They know the whole history of the cities in which they live--who the fountains are named after, who the statues are.

I remember one unforgettable night in Athens, I sat and listened to a Greek sailor for hours as he told me about the countless men who fought over Helen back in ancient times. Afterward, he told me he loved his homeland even more now that he'd seen it through my eyes. I ask you, would an American man ever say something as deep and beautiful as that?

European men know the most romantic little cafés and bistros and trattorias, candlelit places where you can be alone and drink the most fantastic wine. They tell you what's on the menu and what you should try. (If it wasn't for a certain young man in Milan, I never would have discovered fusilli a spinaci et scampi.) And the whole time, they're looking deep into your eyes, like you're the only woman on the entire planet. What woman could resist a man like that? Then, after a moonlit stroll along the waterfront and a kiss in the doorway of their artist's loft, you find yourself unable to--well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

I'll never forget my magical semester abroad. One thing's for sure--I'm ruined for American men forever!

American Women Studying In Europe Are Unbelievably Easy

By Giovanni Di Salvi

I'm a 25-year-old carpenter living in Rome, and I don't mind telling you that I get all the action I can handle. I'm not all that handsome or well-dressed, and I'm certainly not rich. In fact, my Italian countrywomen could take me or leave me. But that's just fine, because Rome gets loads of tourist traffic, and American co-eds traveling through Europe are without a doubt the easiest lays in the world.

Being European gives me a hell of an advantage. I'm not sure why, but there's something about the accent that opens a lot of doors. All you have to do is go up to them, act a little shy and say, "Whould hyou like to go with me, Signorina, for a café?" I actually have to thicken up my accent a little, but they never, ever catch on.

After a cheap coffee, which to them always tastes better than anything they've ever had, because they're in Europe, it's time to walk them. Now, all they know about Rome is what they've read in Let's Go, so you can pretty much just make up a whole bunch of shit. It's fun to see how much they'll swallow: As long as I refer to Italy as "my homeland" and other Italians as "my people," they'll believe pretty much anything. I don't know who most of the local statues are, so I tell the muffins they're all great artists and poets and lovers. Once, just for the hell of it, I told a psychology major from the University of Maryland that a public staircase was part of the Spanish Steps, which she'd never even heard of. Another time, I told this blonde from Michigan State that the public library was the Parthenon, and she cooed like I'd just given her a diamond.

For dinner, I usually take them to some cheap little hole in the wall, someplace deserted where not even the cops eat. American girls think candlelight means "romance," not "deteriorating public utilities," so they just poke their nipples through their J. Crew sweaters and never notice that there's no electricity. Just as well, because Roman restaurants aren't exactly the cleanest. After a bunch of fast-talk about the menu, I get them the special, which is usually some anonymous pasta with spinach and day-old shrimp, and whatever cheap, generic, Pope's-blood chianti's at the bottom of the list.

By this time, they're usually standing in a slippery little puddle. Going in for the kill, I walk them past one of Rome's famous 2,000-year-old open cesspools. Then, as we open the door to my shitty efficiency, I kiss them on the eyelids so they don't see the roaches, making sure the first thing they see is the strategically positioned artist's easel I bought at some church sale. That's usually all they need to see and, like clockwork, they fall backwards on my bed with their Birkenstocks in the air.

I mean, they're hardly Italian women, but we have a saying here in Europe: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

14 February

They say is the love day, and it is! … but is not the only one.

A kiss, hearts, music, a smile, roses, gifts, good wishes - I saw it in the air today, I saw the joy on the people faces ... but do we need a special day to remind us about love?

Don't forget that love gives us the power to live!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Journey ... Of The Neverending Story

... take a deep breath ...

... because you entered in a small part of my reality!, a place where you can find words; and that means mistery; ... I have to tell you that words can be very tricky; they can be like angels or like devils! ... Only one road is the right one, and it will take you to happiness, and the others are not yours; they only suck your energy and make you week, so be careful where you step!

Everything has a connection, and has a reason; if you read this means that something in here could help you, can give a new light in your life, the tricky part is that the answer is somewhere hidden and you need to find it yourself! Every ideea that I will share has a message!

... take a deeper breath ...

They say it was on a day of 3th October 1986, but I really don’t remember, the day when I scream for the first time, the day when I fell the cold mountain air, when I know how God looks like, when everything was simple and perfect!

Time passes, the little boy grows up and forgets who he is; and why is he here! why is he born? ... he becomes what others made of him, always someone know what was right or wrong for me, like a puppet in the hands of a child!

When I was 18 years old, looking back at my life I descovered that something wasn’t right, I noticed that something inside of me was sad! ... and I asked myself WHY? ... It was a little step that makes a big change!

What I will share with you is what happened after I said to myself: I got to discover who I really am!, and I’m going to do what ever it takes to be in control of my life, to be who I want!

... so what did you learn today?