Sunday, March 05, 2006

Break Through Your Thoughts and Discover Who You Are…

Today I was listening to the old story: our school teaches us only bullshits! And it’s very true, because students memorize word by word the study material, but they can’t use it in practice, and this doesn’t help them only once in life – at the exams.

Many of all the people around memorize, quotes, books, pickup lines, words and sentences of other people.... they look for leaders in other person instead of becoming who they really are and stop playing a character role.

In what world do you live? In their word?… or yours!?

Life gives many new and different situations (emotions), think of it like this: every they you stand in front of a table with lots of food. Some of the food it’s good to stop your hungriness and gives you the energy to live, but other foods are expired, and it isn’t so good to your tummy and to your health. You eat what you want and need, and then you go on. What if the table is the situations that life offers us every day, and the food is those things that give you the energy to live and discover who you really are… like: love, new experiences, open mind, sport, reason to live, knowledge, true friends, etc …I say EAT what is healthy for your life; chouse what you really need, to become who you want!… and make your own thoughts for this things … and that’s when happiness will join the party!

..:: WHO ARE YOU? ::..

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