Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If not now, then when?

4 July 2006, 9:59 to 10; sun shining up in the sky; the sky carries little clouds; my food waiting in the plate to be swallowed; headphones share music to my ears, the birds do they daily talking, same old room, and I between them all.

I had an burning desire to write something down, so here I am again, trying to immortalize a moment, a moment of my life in some words and some pictures, hoping to send over the feelings of joy, happiness, and pace that I am living in.

No toughs about what happened in the past, neither what will happen in the future; just being here, enjoying the music and the writing. Ideas come from all over; the mind only puts them in sentences. A state of being in witch you don’t worry about the day of tomorrow, knowing that all will be fine.

Isn’t this the miracle of life, the only thing that matters, the biggest treasure you will all find in this world, the place where you will be one with the rest of the world, a place without problems were you have all you want and need; ... living the moment and just be!


romeo said...

bine mai....

Zoli ZzZ said...

...mai bine