Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pirate's Poem

Cand eram mic, eram super-tare. Eu scriam poezii; si nu copiam de la altii cum fac acuma (vezi post anterior) :). Nu stiu daca voi mai cititi prin arhivele notitelor voastre, despre trairile si felul in care vedeati voi lumea la un anumit moment dat; dar eu cateodata caut printre randurile scrise de mine, si deseori gasesc cuvinte ce ma incanta. Asa si poezia urmatoare; care rezoneaza si acum foarte tare cu mine. Enjoy.

Pirate's Poem

A bottle of wine and a ship,
It’s enough to go for the trip;
Open the gates to your heart,
Let in the dark be light.

A story waits to be born,
So much that you will get in return;
Open your eyes, adventure awaits for you,
If only you make a step, or two.

Noise in your head; blinded by the light?
Everything is so simple, if you feel it right;
Your soul it’s an ocean, and deep you will find,
The treasure, that, you can’t reach with your mind.

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